Complaint Resolution

OZTECH SHOPPING complaint handling policy aims to provide an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for customer complaints. OZTECH SHOPPING Customer Care will be your single point of contact. We will demonstrate fairness, courtesy, objectivity and efficiency in dealing with complaints.Our objective is to resolve the vast majority of enquiries and complaints during the customer’s first call. Our Customer Service Representatives have the training and authority to deal with most of the problems or enquiries. It may not always be possible to resolve a complaint on the first call, for example, because records have to be reviewed or enquiries made with OZTECH SHOPPING staff. Our objective is that complaints that cannot be resolved during the first call will be resolved within the time frames agreed with the customer.

If you are not satisfied with the way in which the Customer Service Representative has handled your complaint, you can request to be transferred to a supervisor or Manager. Where you have raised a matter with a supervisor or Manager, he or she will aim to resolve the complaint as soon as possible and within timeframes agreed with you. The supervisor will deal with you personally and not pass messages through other staff.

Lodging Complaints

You can lodge a complaint with us by:

Live Chat:

Please check the bottom right of homepage


[email protected]


+612 80549268


A verbal or written acknowledgement will be made within 2-3 working days after receiving your complaint with a unique reference number and a time frame for investigating your complaint and when you can expect your complaint to be resolved.

We will Endeavour to resolve all complaints within 7 working days of the complaint being received. If we are unable to meet this timeframe we will advise you prior to this the reason for the delay and the proposed timeframe for resolution.