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Luminous jellyfish lamps or Jellyfish Lava lamps can be both a novelty and a necessity. They’re nice to have and create a nice ambience in the room. Quality jellyfish lamps can run continuously for long periods without any problems. The jellyfish lamps are alternatives to the saltwater aquariums with added benefits of very little to non-existent maintenance. The lamps can be purchased with seahorses as an accessory to the jellyfish lamps to use those instead of the jellyfishes. You’re here means that you have already got a lamp or getting one soon. Let me show you how the lamp works, so stick with me till the end. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Construction

The jellyfish lamps don’t have real jellyfish in them, You will get two realistic-looking jellyfish. There’s an option for getting SeaHorses as an extra. They look nice too. The lamp has a 4-litre tank to be filled with water and the silicon jellyfishes would be swimming within the tank. It has an impressive 18 LED lights.

The LIghts are cool looking with combinations the lamps offer eight different colours. The lamp can have a fixed colour or cycle through the colours depending on your preference.
For the Power supply, the Jellyfish lamps use the electricity from the mains. Depending on your location you can choose either 220/240 Volts or 110/120 Volts. As in Australia, we use 240 Volts. you’’ have to get the adapter accordingly.

As it runs on the mains. There’s no hassle with changing batteries. It can run on and on. Another benefit of these compared to the lava lamps is that it’s cool to touch. The lava lamps get hot while running because they run on the principle of differences in density of the fluids and the temperature differences on different parts of the fluid. Never touch the lava lamps while it’s on or been on recently as they can cause severe burns.

Jellyfish lamps have 14×14 cm sides and 36 centimetres in height, it weighs a bit more than 1.5 kgs. It looks quite stunning when running in a dark room. You can take the lid off and it’ll create a nice ambience in your room.

Jellyfish lamps operation

Jellyfish lamps can operate for a long time without any issues. There are records of lamps running non-stop for months. They don’t get it at all. The lamps are not only decorative they also have therapeutic effects on people with ADHD and Autism.

The lamps can be used in multiple case scenarios. It can act like mood lamps and help people settle their minds. It can also act as your party light. It creates a neon light like vibe. The Jellyfish lamp runs cool and noise-free, making it a great choice for a night light.

The function of Jellyfish as a sensory light is amazing. It helps people with autism to focus and attention to details by providing soothing stimulation.

Setting up One

If you are buying one soon or you’ve bought one already here’s how to set up one. First things first, wipe the lamp and fill it up to full with water. Distilled or demineralized water is a good option but not necessary at all to operate the jellyfish lamps. You’ll get a bit fewer bubbles with the bottled or distilled water. The tank holds around four litres of water. After that, take the jellyfish out of the packet.

Dip the jellyfish sideways a little in the tank to take out any bubbles within the silicon jellyfishes. After that, put on the lid and plug in the power adapter at the backside of the lamp.

Push on the button at the front and hold it for 2-3 seconds. You’ll see the motor running and pushing bubbles out from the bottom. After running a while there won’t be any more bubbles coming out. The bubbles within the tank would clear out within a few hours.

Things to Remember

There are a few things to remember. Don’t use any abrasive chemicals to clean the tank or Do not use saltwater in the tank. You can clean the tanks gently with a little dish soap. Usually, the tanks don’t get dirty that often but periodically cleaning is a good idea. Not suitable for kids below 3 years of age and there’s a choking hazard

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Jellyfish lamps are great lamps as decoration or other sensory light. Though they are a bit on the expensive side they’re reliable and can run for months at a time. Be Aware while purchasing from unknown places. Always purchase from reputable shops that provide warranty services for the devices. Next time I’ll tell you how to maintain your jellyfish lamps to keep them well for using them for a long time.

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