Belkin F8Z439 TuneCast Auto Universal FM Transmitter


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Listen to your MP3 player through your car stereo—and get the best quality sound for your drive. Compatible with most MP3 players, TuneCast Auto Universal connects through your FM radio receiver. At the push of a button, ClearScan Technology quickly finds the clearest FM station for your music, while the high-contrast backlit display lets you see the station clearly. With two programmable preset buttons and a PRO setting for optimizing audio and boosting volume, TuneCast Auto Universal lets you listen like a pro.

The USB port lets you charge your device on the go, so the music doesn’t have to stop.

Key Features

Compatible with most MP3 players

Improved for better sound quality

ClearScan technology finds the clearest station at the push of a button

USB Port for charging your device on the go

High-contrast backlit display for easy viewing

2 programmable preset buttons

PRO Setting optimizes audio and boosts volume

1-Year Limited Warranty

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