Eufy HomeVac S11 Lite Stick Vac (Red)


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5 in stock

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Key Features

Takes Down Daily Dirt

An impressive 75AW of suction power is more than enough to clear away your everyday mess

Long-Lasting Runtime
Clean your entire house with up to 35 minutes of vacuuming in standard mode

Light & Nimble Cleaning
The ultra-lightweight cordless design gives you effortless access to previously unreachable areas

Versatile Cleaning Tools
Whether it be an impossibly tight space or a delicate surface, there is an attachment suitable for any cleaning scenario

5-Stage Filter System
The advanced filtration system reduces air pollution while maximizing motor performance

Easy to Clean & Maintain
When the dustbox is full, simply tap to dispatch then empty the contents with ease. Periodically rinse and dry the filter to maintain peak performance

Holds More Dust
The extra-large dustbox detaches and empties in seconds. The increased capacity means fewer trips to trash bin

Tap and Go Cleaning
Simply tap the ON button to activate the vacuum without having to hold down a trigger

Hyper-Flex Head
Navigate around sharp bends and corners as you effortlessly cover every inch of your home

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