Flea Market Mini Handheld Game Machine


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5 in stock

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If you’re looking for a way to entertain yourself or your little one, this Flea Market mini handheld game machine is perfect for hours of fun. It packs 256 retro games to test your skills and wit.

It features a lithium battery so you can take it anywhere you go along with USB charging available to keep it topped up without a hassle. Retro gaming isn’t the same without the sound, so it includes a speaker to hear those retro noises we’ve all come to love.

The 2.4″ colour screen is designed to display 8-bit classic colours, and it’s backlit so it can be used in the dark. It’s super easy to carry with its lightweight and compact design. It’ll fit easily into

Key Features

2.4″ Colour screen                                                    

256 Games built-in                                                                   

Built-in speaker                                                          

Built -in 300mAh lithium battery

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