HP Boom Mic Headset 150


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Amplify your day-to-day communication and entertainment needs, with an on-ear headset designed to keep you connected. With a high-quality boom microphone, adjustable fit, and crystal clear audio—experience all-day comfort and immersive sound. From phone calls to music, this reliable headset keeps up with your busy day.

Key Features

Sharp audio. Stereo sound.
Make calls, listen to music, and watch videos with crisp audio thanks to powerful 28mm drivers.

Clarity in every phone call
An adjustable, unidirectional boom mic that focuses sound capture for crystal clear conversations and recordings.

Cushioned comfort all day
Soft, cushioned pads rest comfortably on the ear for hours of enjoyable listening.

Find the right fit
Personalize your listening experiences with an adjustable headband that conforms to your unique fit.

3.5 mm stereo jack
Easily plug in to all your favorite 3.5 mm enabled laptops, phones, and tablets.

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