LG QNED 99 65″ 8K Mini LED Smart TV [2021]


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Our best LED/LCD TV features the highest TV resolution currently available. When it comes to creating a high-quality picture, 8K resolution adds breathtaking definition. LG QNED MiniLED combines an incredibly high pixel density with our all-new Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology, for an outstandingly realistic 8K picture that is detailed, even when viewed on a big screen*.
*Native 8K content availability is very limited. Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the quality of source content resolution.

Key Features

Quantum Dot + NanoCell + Mini LED = The Ultimate LG LED/LCD TV
LG QNED MiniLED represents the dawn of a new era for LG LED/LCD TVs. The pioneering display combines a Mini LED panel with Quantum Dot + NanoCell Technology to deliver an all-new LG LED/LCD TV experience.

The power of Mini LEDs
Thousands of Mini LED lights deliver bright and clear images, while between 1200-2400 individual dimming zones* deliver precise backlight control and an ultra-high contrast ratio. The result is a great level of detail and more accurate colour reproduction than LG UHD & NanoCell LED/LCD TVs.
*Number of dimming zones varies depending on screen size.

There’s black magic on display
Approximately between 1200-2400 individual dimming zones* deliver precise backlight control and an ultra-high contrast ratio. This makes blacks deep and colours vivid for a more detailed picture, even in the darkest scenes.
*Number of dimming zones varies depending on screen size.

Worship colour in all its brilliance
Experience more of the spectrum. LG QNED MiniLED exquisite colour reproduction has been expertly developed to capture a wide gamut and vivid colours. Everything you watch can be exactly as intended.

A view that’s flat out breathtaking
LG QNED MiniLED is artfully designed to enhance any home interior. With minimal bezels and a slim, sleek body optimised for wall mounting, every size of LG QNED MiniLED hangs against your wall*.
*Wall mount not included. To be purchased separately.

QNED Cinema, Show-stopping performance
LG QNED MiniLED delivers a breathtakingly cinematic performance. Stunning blacks and a bright display produce a picture that is enhanced for a new level of immersion.
*Subscription membership and high internet speed (25 mbps) required for content in 4K Ultra HD, otherwise content will be downscaled to either HD or SD quality based on the available bandwidth and time of day.

Home to all your favourites
Dive into the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, live sports and more, with Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sports, the Apple TV app, Foxtel, and Netflix*. It’s all in the one place, so just sit back and enjoy.
*Internet connection and subscriptions may be required for certain services, features and to access certain content. Internet usage charges and conditions apply. Content, features and third-party services will vary from time to time without notice. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV and Apple TV+ are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. ⓒ 2020 Disney and its related entities. Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon Prime membership and/or Prime Video fees apply. See primevideo.com/terms for details.

A transformative TV experience
Experience breathtaking movies and games, enhanced with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Bright images, intense colour and contrast, and rich audio, are intelligently adjusted for content and lighting conditions to provide professionally mastered vision and sound, in your own home*.
*Compatible Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range content required for full HDR effect. Dolby Atmos source content required for full audio effect.

Re-create the director’s vision
Rediscover favourite films the way you remember them and enjoy new movies the way the director intended. FILMMAKER MODE™ turns off motion smoothing to help preserve that unique cinematic feel.

Detail in the dark and the bright
Enjoy HDR movies and shows that appear vivid and vibrant, packed with intense detail. LG’s HDR 10 Pro dynamic range technology constantly adjusts brightness to enhance colour and bring lifelike clarity to every image*.
*High Dynamic Range content required for this function.

Might and power
See amazing. At the core of LG QNED MiniLED TV is the α9 Gen4 AI Processor 8K, a ground-breaking chip that uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically analyse and optimise sound and vision. Powerful 8K upscaling helps complete the picture, transforming 4K content with enhanced detail and definition*.
*Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the resolution of the source content.

This is what pro looks like
The deep-learning algorithm draws from a vast visual database to recognise objects and then optimise picture quality of free-to-air and digital content*. And with Scene Detection, each scene can be analysed and adjusted for maximum realism.
*Image quality dependent on source material.

This is how pro sounds
Learning from millions of audio data points, the processor identifies voices, effects and frequencies from free-to-air and digital content to optimise sound by genre*. And with Auto Volume Levelling, you can hear consistent voice levels across different types of content.
*Sound quality dependent on source material.

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