MSI Trident AS 10SI Gaming Desktop (2.5TB) [GTX 1660 Super]


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5 in stock

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Trident A Plus is the first compact desktop PC to incorporate an SFX power supply and the breathtaking latest MSI GeForce RTX graphics card, into a case only 10 litres in volume. Trident A series targeted gamers who demand the highest game performance from PC in small compact form and great portability. With the Intel 10th Gen Core series processors and MSI GeForce RTX graphics card, Trident A can provide impressive performance for any task including gaming and video editing.

Game in style
The MPG series brings out the best in gamers by allowing full expression in colour with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronization. Experiment on another level of personalization with a front LED strip that provides convenient in-game and real time notifications. With the MPG series, transform your equipment into the centre of attention and top leader boards in style.

The centrepiece of gaming
The MPG Trident AS takes charge by being the most compact gaming desktop. Packed in a 10 litres volume case, it has components that are typically found in full tower cases, including the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX graphics cards. In essence, the MPG Trident AS can only be surpassed by itself.

Outplay the competition
Experience a 40% boost in computing from last generation. MSI Desktop equips the 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processor with the upmost computing power to bring you an unparalleled gaming experience.
*Performance compared to i7-9700. Specs varies by model.

Less is more
Merely 10 litres in volume, the MPG Trident AS allows you to maximize your game while minimizing desk space.

2.5G LAN
Connect and rapidly transfer data over a network with the high-bandwidth and low-latency 2.5 Gbps Ethernet LAN. Integrated with the exclusive MSI LAN Manager, it prioritizes latency-sensitive application and allows users to take control of their experience.

Easy to upgrade
MPG Trident AS collocates the major components on the two sides – Remove two sides panels then you can upgrade the components in ease.

Key Features

Intel® Core™ i7-10700F processor (8 Cores, 2.9 GHz-4.8 GHz 16MB Cache)

MSI MPG B460I GAMING EDGE Wi-Fi Motherboard

NVIDIA® MSI GeForce® GTX 1660 Super Ventus 6GB GDDR6

16GB DDR4-2666MHz UDIMM (1x16GB) RAM

512GB SSD storage

2TB HDD storage

7.1 Channel HD Audio with Nahimic audio enhancer

Gaming Keyboard GK30 + Gaming Mouse GM11

1 x HDMI port

2 x USB-C port

2 x USB-A 2.0 ports

5 x USB-A 3.2 port

Wi-Fi 6 (AX200)

Bluetooth v5.1

Windows 10 Home Advanced

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