Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Camera + 50mm Film Maker Kit


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The Z 6 is an all-purpose FX-format camera with an effective pixel count of 24.5 megapixels, and supports the wide range of ISO 100–51200 standard sensitivities. With superior performance at high sensitivities and full-frame 4K UHD movie recording with full pixel readout, the Z 6 responds to a variety of needs, such as shooting in dimly lit environments, and movie recording.

Amazing productions start here
Your video productions have evolved. More sophisticated. More ambitious. Your video gear needs to deliver on your vision without compromise. When you’re ready for your video content to rise above ordinary, the Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit gives you the tools you need to step up your production in one convenient bundle. Smooth, steady and cinematic full-frame 4K Ultra HD. Compatible with a vast selection of stellar NIKKOR Z lens options. Flexible, external monitoring and recording. Smooth, clean audio. And all the key components to make your next video project stand out.

Created for aspiring videographers, the Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit has been assembled with the essential tools for making the most of the Z 6’s video recording capabilities.

Included in this kit is the FX-format Z 6 mirrorless camera and the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S lens.

Complementing Nikon’s own technology, this kit also includes an Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI recording monitor, a Moza Air 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer and a Rode VideoMic Pro Plus along with the Moza magic articulating arm, Atomos Atom-Flex HDMI cable, Angelbird adaptors and storage to get filming.

Nikon Z 6
Designed with a compact body, while providing superior high-sensitivity performance and outstanding video features, the Z 6 — featuring 24.5 effective megapixels — is ready to excel in a broad range of shooting scenarios. Taking advantage of the new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine, it achieves a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200, reducing noise effectively even at the higher end while maintaining resolution. Continuous shooting at up to approx. 12 fps is also available. Professional and amateur filmmakers alike will appreciate the camera’s wide array of movie functions, including full-pixel readout full-frame 4K UHD, Full HD 100/120p and 10-bit N-Log.

NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S
Optical performance remarkably superior to that of conventional lenses is achieved by the lens arrangement made possible by the new Z lens mount. The lens construction of 12 elements in 9 groups including ED glasses and aspherical lenses provides evidence of a superb optical design that delivers uncompromising image quality. Higher optical performance that differs from conventional f/1.8 lenses is attained through the following four factors: 1) resolving power compatible with high-megapixel digital cameras that enables reproduction of even minute texture, 2) soft and beautiful bokeh characteristics even at short distances, 3) intensively reduced axial chromatic aberration, and 4) superb point-image reproduction. The full potential of this lens can be realized even at the maximum aperture. Superb resolving power, specifically, is retained at a higher level, providing sharp reproduction of details across the entire frame at any focus distance. Also, Nano Crystal Coat that effectively reduces ghost and flare is employed to ensure clear, sharp rendering even under backlit conditions. Outstanding rendering performance that changes perceptions about f/1.8 lenses enables the capture of images just the way photographers imagine they will be. While enhancing optical performance, compact design is also achieved for superb portability.

Atomos Ninja V
Record and monitor video like a pro with the included Atomos Ninja V and unlock the ultimate filmmaking potential of the Z 6. Record in 4K 10-bit and N-LOG format or simultaneously record uncompressed 8-bit 4K UHD movie files to the memory card and the Atomos Ninja V.
Additionally, the Z 6 is eligible for the optional paid ProRes RAW Upgrade, which enables the camera to output uncompressed 12-bit raw footage as well as work with the ProRes RAW codec. ProRes RAW provides the quality and convenience of ProRes while preserving the camera’s RAW sensor data, giving you maximum flexibility during post productions. Learn More

Moza Air 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Pan, tilt and follow moving subjects with all the smoothness and accuracy of high-end studio rigs and dollies. Mount the Z 6 to the handheld Moza Air 2 and off you go. Create dynamic sweeping shots, film from impossible angles and track tough to follow subjects. The Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit also includes the Moza Magic 11.8″ Articulating Arm for convenient attachment of the Ninja V Monitor.

Rode VideoMic Pro +
Capture well-balanced, high-fidelity source audio to compliment your beautiful Z 6 footage with the included RØDE VideoMic Pro+ shotgun microphone. It attaches to the Z 6 via the camera’s hot-shoe and features a 3/8″ thread for easy boom pole mounting. The VideoMic Pro+ can be powered by the RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (included), 2 x AA Batteries or via Micro USB.

Delivering unparalleled resolution with Nikkor z lenses — backside illumination cmos sensor featuring 24.5 effective megapixels and ISO 100-51200 perfect for low light conditions

Crisper definition in stills and movies with a new sharpness parameter — Expeed 6
The new Expeed 6 image-processing engine helps maximize the high resolving power of Nikkor Z and Nikkor F lenses, along with the camera’s high-pixel-count image sensor performance.

In-camera vibration reduction with approx. 5.0-stop effectiveness
The Z 6 are equipped with in-camera vibration reduction (VR). The VR unit provides compensation for movement along five axes. The effects of vibration reduction are equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately 5.0 stops. This function can also be used effectively with NIKKOR F lenses, including those not equipped with a VR function, with the Mount Adapter FTZ (Sold Separately).

Sophisticated operability and exterior design — portable and ergonomic camera body
Photographers want a compact camera system, but sometimes this means sacrificing operability. Nikon tackled this problem head-on, to create a system that delivers superior operability, in spite of its compact size.

More convenient focus stacking — focus shift photography
The Z 6’s focus shift photography function enables you to shoot sequences of up to 300 frames, while gradually and automatically shifting focus position from the start point to infinity.

Nail a shot without any mechanical vibration or shutter release sound — silent photography
The Z 6’s silent photography function prevents shutter sound or mechanical vibration by utilizing an electronic shutter, allowing you to make full use of the camera’s 24.5 effective megapixels in a broad variety of scenes.

Direct connection with built-in wi-fi® for faster image transfers ― SnapBridge ver. 2.5
SnapBridge enriches your image experience by connecting your camera and smart device seamlessly. In addition to connection via Bluetooth®, the new SnapBridge ver. 2.5 offers direct connection via built-in Wi-Fi®. It makes it easier to transfer images (JPEG) and videos to a smart device and to shoot remotely.

Key Features

273-point focal-plane phase-detection AF

24.5 Megapixels

5-axis image sensor shift

ISO 100 to 51200

Up to 12 fps Low-speed continuous

3.2 inch tilt display

1.27-cm/0.5-in. approx. 3690k-dot (Quad VGA) OLED electronic viewfinder

Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit includes:

Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Camera Body
NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S Lens
Atomos Ninja V HDR Monitor Recorder
Rode Mic VMP +
Moza Magic Articulating Arm
Moza Air 2 Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras
Atomos HDMI Mini Cable
Angelbird AtomX SSDmini 500 GB
Angelbird Type-C to SATA Adapter
Angelbird USB-A to USB-C Adapter

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