ONEX DV-10E X-PACE Ergonomic Gaming Chair (Silver/Black)


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Specially designed for ergonomics, the GT-DV-10E provides ample support to your body in all the right places. Featuring an armor-like padding design, this gaming chair perfectly combines both comfort and style. Built with breathable mesh material, it has good heat dissipation which reduces sweating during long gaming session and improves focus and concentration.

Uniquely designed paddle shifters control system allows user to adjust seat height and backrest from the armrests.

A’PAS (Automatic Sitting Posture Adapting System) allows backrest tilt to drive the seat forward (within 23°) to accommodate user’s posture.

Key Features

Ergonomic design provides ample support

Paddle shifters control system

Sync-Sliding seat drives reclining backrest (90°–146°)

Breathable mesh material keeps you cool

High-tensile mesh fabric provides flexibility and durability

Fully adjustable design allows for maximum customization

Class 4 hydraulic gas lift

Recommended capacity – 125KG (150KG Max)