Samsung 32″ Full HD Smart Monitor M5


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5 in stock

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The World’s 1st Do-It-All Screen*
The monitor for every side of life. Get work done without a PC, with the installed Microsoft Office 365**, or by remote access to your office computer. Then switch to pure entertainment with the on-board one-stop entertainment system.
*World’s first monitor to combine OTT media service, mobile connectivity, and remote PC capabilities. **Microsoft Office 365 subscription not included.

Mobile Connectivity
Wireless DeX is designed to unlock a full PC experience, without any PC1. Use mobile productivity apps, such as video conferencing, documents, and browsers, through just your monitor and phone. To see photos or watch movies on the big screen, just tap it with your phone using Tap View2.
1 Wireless connection to DeX only available on Galaxy Note20, TabS7, and Galaxy Z Fold2 models. 2 Limited to selected apps and may require license purchase.

AirPlay 2
With integrated AirPlay 2, use Apple devices to work and play on the big screen. Improve your workflow by creating a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook and Smart Monitor. When it’s time to relax, effortlessly enjoy videos, music, photos, and more from your iPhone or iPad.
†Only available on compatible Apple models. Certain applications may require sign up and subscription. Fees may apply.

Smart TV Apps
Binge watching got even easier. Access a bunch of entertainment apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO, without switching on your PC or laptop3. The remote control4 and built-in speakers simplify your chill time.
3 App availability may vary by country. Subscription required. TV tuner not included. Fees may apply. 4 Remote control specifications may vary by country.

Remote Access
Work seamlessly from anywhere. Boost your productivity with Remote Access features. Using the Office 365** suite, view and edit documents, and conveniently save them all on the cloud. Even while at home, Remote Access lets you work remotely on your school or office desktop5.
5 Windows 10 Pro, Mac OS 10.5, or higher, and compatible network settings are required for this feature. **Microsoft Office 365 subscription not included.

Adaptive Picture
Sensational picture, day or night. Surrounding light is detected by a sensor and is designed to adjust brightness automatically with Adaptive Picture. Even in broad daylight, watch dark, gritty dramas without squinting and straining your eyes to see the picture.

Ultra-wide Game View6
Keep your eye on the win. Adjust your screen to 21:9 to discover hidden areas in game scenes with Ultra-wide Game View6. Now when you play soccer games, see more of the pitch right up to the goalposts. And in driving games, get a natural and encompassing view of the road ahead.
6 Availability limited to source devices which support 21:9 output. May function differently depending on game or content being viewed.

Auto Source Switch +
No more switching around. With Automatic Source Switch Plus, your monitor detects newly connected compatible devices as soon they’re plugged in and displays the correct signal. No more searching for the right input on the menu.

Key Features

32″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) flat screen, VA display

Easy mobile connection via wireless DeX, Tap View, and Apple Airplay

One-touch entertainment with apps, remote control and built-in speaker

Remote Access and Office 365 let you work and learn from anywhere

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