Sony SRS-XP500 X Series Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker (Black)


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Take your music to the next level with a X-Series Party Speaker. Thanks to its splash-proof design and integrated handles, this powerful wireless speaker can be used almost anywhere, including around the home, camping, BBQ’s in the park or wherever the music takes you. Music options include Bluetooth streaming from a connected phone, USB playback, line-in and even guitar and microphone inputs; this powerful party system also features a long-lasting battery, so it’s always ready for your next party or family event.

The SRS-XP500 is a member of the new X-Series. These speakers use the newly developed X-Balanced speaker drivers, which are oblong, rather than round. This change in shape allows for music playback with reduced distortion, even at high volume levels.

Key Features

Portable Bluetooth audio system with rechargeable battery

Up to 20¹ hours of music playback, with quick-charge (10mins = 80min music)

Battery Protect feature; prevent overcharging and prolong battery lifespan

IPX4 rating, means a little water won’t stop the party*

Party Connect; wirelessly connect up to 100 compatible speakers together²

Indirect illumination; subtle ambient lighting, suitable for all music types

Karaoke microphone and Guitar inputs, with easy to use level controls

*IPX4/splash-resistant (fresh water splashed from any direction)
¹20hr / Volume 16, Mega Bass On, lighting Off. Figure may vary due to battery condition, ambient temp etc.
²Party Connect compatible speakers: SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33, SRS-XB43, SRS-XG500, SRS-XP500, SRS-XP700

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