Stadium W2MIC (A) Twin Wireless Microphone


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The Stadium W2MIC is a complete twin wireless microphone system for the stage or the home.
The 2 x handheld microphones are design for accurate vocal reproduction.

Key Features

– 2 x wireless UHF frequency microphones
– 2 Different frequencies to avoid interference between microphones
– Ideal for entertainers, clubs, restaurants, function centres and weddings
– Works reliably up to 60m, up to 80m range
– Easy to use wireless receiver
– Balanced and unbalanced output
– up to 8 hours battery life
– Independent volume controls for each microphone
– Reciever with LED status
– Microphone with LCD display
– Dual XLR output and 6.5mm output

Prior to purchase, please confirm the operating frequency for your area.

Click HERE for the official ACMA Wireless Microphone frequencies 

Available models:

Stadium W2MICA – Frequency 520-526 MHZ

Stadium W2MICB – Frequency 561-568 MHZ

Stadium W2MICC – Frequency 603-610 MHZ


Audio Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz +/- 3dB
Dynamic Range: >100dB
THD: <0.5%
S/N Ratio: >100dB
Working Range: <60M (Ideal conditions)
Max Deviation: +/- 15kHz
Reciever Power Supply: DC9V ~15V
RF Output: 30mW (MAX)
Microphone Element: Unidirectional dynamic
Mic Power Consumption: 25mA
Receiving Sensitivity: 60dB S/N Ratio (12dBU)
Modulation Mode: FM
Battery: 3V (1.5V AA x 2 each handset)
Continuous Working Time: Up to 8 Hours


– Power supply for receiver
– 4 x AA batteries for microphones
– 6.5mm / 1/4″ Line Out cable
– Hard carry case

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