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Most likely the reason for your being here is that you have already bought a jellyfish lamp or decided to buy one soon. Jellyfish lamps are nice and useful for various purposes. They can be used as mood lamps or used just as any decorations. Now, setting up the jellyfish lamps is not rocket science. You can start doing things like your intuition but you may still wonder about bits and pieces. So, I would discuss today the length of shorts of the jellyfish lamp setup, use and clean up and fixing. Let’s get started right away.

Setting up

a. Assembling the Lamp

After opening the box, find the components. The items include two real looking small sized silicone jellyfish, A tank, A lid, and a power supply. The power supply is different for different regions. Here in Australia, we use a 220/240-volt power supply. Please choose the correct power supply when buying.

Clean up the jellyfish with a little bit of dish soap to clean up the debris. Clean up the tank as well with a wee bit of dish soap. After cleaning that up. You’re ready to fill up the tank with water, It’s not necessary to use distilled water. Fill up the tank with water, It’d roughly need a bit less than four litres of water.

b. Filling up with Water

Add 1/8th of a teaspoon of dish soap to the water, It breaks the surface tension of the water and makes the jellyfish swim better in the water. Don’t add much to avoid soapy bubbles.

Now dip your jellyfish sideways a little bit and slowly put them underwater to let out the bubbles from underneath.

c. Turning on the lamp for the first time

Put the lid back on. Now, you are good to go. Plug the power supply into the outlet. Press and hold the button at the front of the Jellyfish lamp. It would start up the motor. Initially, you would see bubbles coming out eventually, it would settle down, the bubbles would take a few hours to go away. Now you can enjoy the jellyfish lamp and choose between the rotation of lights or a fixed one among the eight available colours.

You can leave the lid open to make an ambience in a dark room, the lamp spreads light more on the open lid setup.

Care & Clean

a. Cleaning the Lamp

The jellyfish lamp care and cleaning are easy. Like most things, the lamp would need cleaning up. The lamp runs well and doesn’t need much maintenance. For the initial set up using of the
Distilled water is better but not required. You can use regular water. Every few weeks you can change the water to keep it clean.

You can use regular dish soap or any non-abrasive surface cleaner. Gently wipe with a wet cloth and let it dry up.

b. Replacing Jellyfish

If you have used it for a few years now, you may want to replace the silicone jellyfishes with a new set to make them float better and make them more visually pleasing. They come in a pack of two. you can get either jellyfish or sea horses

Do not clean the jellyfish lamp while it’s plugged in as this may be hazardous.

Fixing Issues

During the operation or set up things can go bad, and if you know Murphy’s law, You know what will happen eventually. Fortunately, The jellyfish lamp is a durable device. It can run on and on for months at a time. It is powered by the mainline. There are no issues with the battery running out. The Construction is also excellent. It is made up of modular components for better repairability.

a. Not Turning On

If it doesn’t turn on when you are depressing the button, Please check the connection of the power cable. If it is connected correctly, The item is faulty. A loose connection at the power outlet may result in this state of the jellyfish lamp.

b. Jellyfish Stuck on the top of the Jellyfish lamp

Another common scenario is that the jellyfish are not swimming freely and are stuck on the top of the lamp. This means the jellyfish have bubbles stuck underneath them. Take them out and dip them slowly sideways so that bubbles get out and turn on the jellyfish lamp. Now the jellyfishes would swim freely.

If everything is in place and it is not running well please send it to warranty service for a professional check-up.

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Jellyfish lamps are easy to use devices. The lamps are almost maintenance-free devices. Just set it up and forget. They can run for months and months on and on without any trouble. You can take it to the warranty service to repair or replace your device for any quality-related issue. Though the lamps are safe, Please keep away from toddlers below three years. Now you can enjoy your lamp worry-free. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments down below.

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