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Although life is getting expensive higher and higher than before day by day, installing a TV antenna is not so much expensive you can consider it as a lower costing thing. When you are going to get an antenna for a lifetime it is relatively you can consider it very cheaper cost. Let’s see in the detail below how a lower cost will be a TV antenna at your home.

Antenna Installation Rates

If an antenna is installed by professionals who are really experienced will last for 10 to 15 years. It will be e more long-lasting if they complete all the necessary steps while installing an antenna and no shortcuts have been taken. Seeing that the signal integrity is ultimately let down by the weakest part in an antenna system; it is not uncommon for a complete overhaul to be necessary if an antenna system/building is already 10-15 years old. The total cost of installing a TV antenna could be typically around $500 to $1000 depending on your homes particular requirements These costs may feel like the same cost as getting a new set of tyres for your car; however, you will get close to 10 times the value and lifespan than you would for a new set of tyres. Some electricians and inexperienced installers could use some cheapest holes to install that antenna but you need to make sure that you are working with an experienced installer and using all the good tools for doing a good job. Those installers who do not have proper training the proper signal testing equipment to guarantee the lifespan of the antenna installation. Many experienced technicians are not only installing antennas on new homes but are also replacing antennas that are only 1-3 years old because they were installed by such an installer using inferior products.

Cost of antenna services per state

New antenna installations both require materials and labour. TV antennas can cost about $150 to $450+ depending on the quality and signal integrity. The average cost of antenna services is $82.50/hr, in New South Wales. This is only a bit higher than the rates of antenna experts in Victoria and South Australia, which is approximately $80/hr.

Meanwhile, Queenslanders seem to be getting the most bang for their buck with antenna services averaging at only $75/hrs.

What Determines The Cost of A Digital TV Antenna Installation?

Few things will help you to consider the price of installing a TV antenna.

1. Type and Quality of Digital TV Antenna

This is the most important thing while you are installing a TV antenna at your home. If you want to get a considerable price you just need to be ever what quality of digital TV and you are going to purchase. You have to see e that the device you are going to buy is fit for your locality. The quality of digital TV antennas available in Australia can vary significantly. Some ‘cheap’ digital TV antennas (often log-periodic antennas) can be purchased for as low as $15 or $20. You should get a heavy, strong, more durable, Australia made digital TV antenna to get better reception.

2. Requirement to Install a TV Booster or Amplifier

If you need to set a TV signal booster along with your TV antenna. It can increase your installation cost a little bit. If you are in a poor signal area in it to install a booster for must or if you have a large number of TV points in your TV system.

3. Time Required to Install Equipment

You need to deploy as many workers as you need to finish the installation at the proper time, if you take more time for installation it will increase the cost.

4. Experience and Workmanship

You can get an experienced technician from different online marketplaces you may be able to introduce you to a handyman to install your TV antenna. A professional and experienced technician will set up your TV antenna that will last for a longer period which will ultimately reduce the cost of installation. If you work with cheap and inexperienced technicians they may not work perfectly and something could ruin your whole antenna set-up. Inexperienced installers often have limited experience in the industry. They know how to fix things on a surface level, however, are unaware of what makes an antenna system fail and what causes system failure.

5. Replacement of Existing Antenna Mount

A good quality antenna lasts about 20 years. If the mount holding up your antenna then it could get rusty within a few years. We often see antennas that become damaged due to strong winds that have broken a rusted mount. For this reason, you may sometimes want to consider replacing your antenna mount at the same time as your TV antenna (if it has been up there for a long time).

6. Attic installation

With an attic Installation an indoor antenna is hard because you need to connect the coax cable to your television. The difficulty of doing this task will naturally result in a higher labour cost.

7. Use of remote control rotor

A remote control rotor makes it easier to position a TV antenna, even in hard-to-reach locations. In using this equipment, your tradie can increase the total cost of their service.

8. High Mast or Extendable Telomast Required

We normally use a height of 15 to 20 feet mast or extendable telomast for our TV antenna. Although if you want to raise it to 50 feet the cost will go a bit high.

9. Access To The Antenna

On very rare occasions, your antenna may only be accessible by the use of special equipment like an EWP. Our technicians usually have a few neat tricks to access the antenna when others cannot, so luckily we have only been required to use an EWP on a handful of occasions in the last few years.


However, to get a trusted, reliable digital TV antenna installation service, you have to select a company that has been established and operating for a long period of time in your local area. It’s important to get one of the qualified technicians out to confirm the price and what is required.

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