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We are improving and changing our technology continuously and nowadays it’s nothing new in Australia to stream a TV without an antenna or a cable. People are getting interesting day by day in that without any connection like antenna or cable. It will reduce your cost as you already have a high-speed internet connection. It is time to go live streaming of different channels as they have started to stream live. There are different ways to get local channels without cable which is getting replaced by online TV.

How To Get TV Reception Without Cable or Antenna

The process to get TV reception is very easy now because almost all are streaming live. So you can get the features of live streaming of popular channels or the channel you like most. In your cable channel list, you mustn’t like all the channels they are providing, So you would love to watch those channels which you want to watch. However, there are two ways to get a TV reception without a cable or antenna. These are___ 1. With an internet connection and 2. Without internet Connection.

1. With an internet connection

If you are wondering how to get free to air channels without an antenna or if it is possible, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do so by watching content over the web using your digital TV. You will need an internet connection that is set up to your television set. If you have a high-speed internet connection at your home then it will be very easy to stream TV channels without an antenna. You may have the access to get the premium TV channels. If you are paying a monthly or fixed cost for a channel subscription it’s a huge waste of money. For the last 15 years, most TVs have had smart features that enable us to accept digital signals or internet connections. You just have to connect your TV with the internet and go to the links of the service providers from the device or apps. You need to have an unlimited internet plan at your home and then it will be cheaper than your cable TV subscription charge.

2. Without internet Connection

You can still get a free cable TV for you if you don’t have an internet connection or a smart TV. There is an option to stream TV channels without those. Making a TV antenna is very easy at home, so you just need to make an antenna for your TV and you can get stronger signals for streaming.

Make an antenna if you don’t have one

It is easy to get digital broadcast signals and watch different channels even if you don’t have an antenna. An Antenna is typically used to receive a signal. You can get it by doing one task which is searching zip code into Station Finder to make sure which channels are available to watch. Some yellow and green signals indicate you to be available in this area. Red signals mean there is a broadcast TV channel in your area. You need to do some tasks when you don’t have an antenna

You need to have three tools to do so

1. A Digital TV that could receive digital TV Signals

From the last fifteen years almost all the TV has had the access to get Digital TV signals from any source like this.

2. A length of coax cable

This could be a white cable that ends like a pin. It already might be plugged into the TV. If it is then you need to unplug that cable from your TV. Take off the other end and leave the end plugged into your TV. Unscrew the cable from whatever it is plugged into by rotating the hexagonal cuff counterclockwise. Cut the extra length of cable as you need just a few feet of the cable.

3. An improvised antenna

You can use a wire or cable to make an antenna. You need to use a power extension cord and a Lamp power cord with a wire coat hanger.

After setting up everything you can just steam live TV in that way.

Online TV Without Cable

If you want to get a better experience having live streaming TV without cable you can use some online TV source by using the internet. It will cost almost half of your TV subscription charge of a cable TV service provider. You can use both your TV and your computer to get that service. You can get that access to stream online TV from your Smart TV as well, just take a look down to go ahead with the process. You can use some apps on your device to stream many channels on your TV. It will be easier if you are living in a metro area. You can access more online TV by using those apps. Roku is one of the best devices to stream many channels on your TV. It will enable most of the TV channels you would love to watch. Here are a few more ways to stream live TV in your locality.

1. Hulu

Hulu is another way to make your TV service provider. You can stream almost all the popular channels through this device. It is currently streaming live TV like CBS, ABC, NBC And FOX in your locality. You can easily see by using your handy zip code through this device which channels are available in your area. You may have a problem while you want to stream TV channels with this device cause almost all the channels will get you to steam that channel on a trial basis. if you want to stream those channels you have to pay a little amount for the subscription. The monthly charges will be around $65 any can get access to stream all the channels. It will be a hassle-free service to you and you don’t have to pay any e contact or admission charge for the newcomer.

2. Fubo TV

Without paying any high amount for the subscription of live TV streaming services by using Fubo TV you can get access to stream all the channels. They mainly offer CBS NBC and FOX to the local area. You will get more services and their live streaming such as FS1, FS2, beIN Sports, NBCSN, BTN which are undoubtedly popular sports channels all over the country. You can check the trial phase as well and you can check out which channels are available in your locality from them.

3. Sling TV

Another way to stream live TV E is by using a sling TV device. They have two types of subscription plans one is the orange plan and the other is the Blue Plan. If you want to have an Orange plan it will cost you around $27 for 30 days subscription and you can stream 30 live TV programs. Blue Plan will cost you around $33.5 and get you to stream more channels on your TV. Although they have no other services it could get you a good TV streaming service.

4. Amazon Prime Video

You can stream thousands of channels through Amazon Prime Video. For a single Subscription, it will cost you around $17.5You could buy an Amazon Prime Video service for around $160 for a whole year subscription.

5. Netflix

Netflix is the easiest way to get videos and channels. It will allow you to see so many videos and channels on your device. You just need to sign up with them and you can get access to stream thousands of TV channels. The first plan to subscribe to them will cost you around $10.71. The premium service charge will be around $18.76 which will avail you thousands of premium videos and channels.


Nowadays all the TV channels programs are streaming online so you can easily get access to get a service without wire or cable. It will get you a bufferless TV streaming with a cheaper cost than cable TV. Moreover, the TV is now in your hand on your smartphone and it’s not possible to carry your cable TV service with you. So, without a cable or an antenna online TV can make you comfortable to stream TV programs here and there.

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