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We are in a time of alteration now, life is always changing with all around us. New inventions and new things are coming up in our regular life. Upgradation and modernization are accommodated with all the things we are using. Connecting non-Smart TV to Wi-Fi I is one of the upgrades that we got in recent time and today we are going to let you know how to connect a non-smart TV to Wi-Fi. However, everybody can’t afford a Smart TV but they can get the features of a Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is It Possible to Connect an Old TV to the Internet?

The answer is yes! We can connect an old TV to the internet. You have to use a dedicated streaming device, HDMI cable, Blu Ray player or gaming console to connect an old TV to the internet.

b. How to Connect My Regular TV to Wifi?

  • Get the Ethernet port that is on the back of your TV.
  • Then you need to connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the port on your TV.
  • Now take your TV remote, go to the Menu and then go to Network Settings.
  • Need to enable wired internet.
  • Now put in your Wi-Fi password, press login using your remote’s buttons.

c. How Can I Use My Non-Smart TV as a Smart TV?

Make a non-smart TV into a smart TV, You have to have a device that can plug into your existing device’s HDMI port And offer the following features you want to get. Make sure you are connected to the internet via your Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. Now you can have features like a tablet or a smartphone by screencasting which is also so-called Screen mirroring and DLNA.

The Main Process

Now from there, we are going to show the full procedure of how to connect a non-Smart TV to Wi-Fi.

1. Screen Mirroring

With screen mirroring we can get that feature easily. Almost all the TVs support screen mirroring or screencasting. This feature will make your TV screen a mirror of your Android or iOS smartphone to your old TV screen.

Connect the screen mirror feature to both your regular TV and your Android or iOS smartphone and you can use this function. If you have any difficulties making a mirror on Your smartphone’s screen then you have to simply download an application for mirror screening and then you have to follow the instructions of the apps given.

2. Screencasting

You can also use the screencasting procedure by using your non-smart TV and your smartphone. You have to go through the same way as screen mirroring. Connect your non-Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone. Then Open the app on your mobile phone That has the content you want to cast Now in the app find the content and select the content you want to cast on your screen. You have to select the name of your TV On your device. While casting, change the colour of your screen and now you are successfully connected to your smartphone and TV.

3. Buy a Media Streaming Device

You can buy a media streaming device to connect your non-Smart TV with Wi-Fi. There are various media streaming devices on the market. A streaming device is a device That helps you to get media content from various online portals. Besides this, it will also allow you to get all the applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

There is an instruction to connect your device with your non-smart TV below.

To stream different media content on your TV follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Your device cable needs to plug into Your TV’s HDMI port.
  • A USB cable has to be plugged Into your device as well as your TV USB port.
  • Turn on your non-Smart TV and match the input with your device.
  • If you need, you have to download the required apps from the internet.
  • To start streaming you have to accept all escape clauses.

Popular Streaming Devices

There is a list of popular media streaming devices and using instructions below:

a. Roku

Roku is one of the best streaming devices of all to stream different content on your non-Smart TV. It’s called the winner device of all streaming devices for dealing with huge content. It allows you to get access to 3000 channels like Netflix, VUDU, Google Play, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Also, the Roku streaming stick has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You just have to make sure that you have an initial connection to get the features.

b. Apple TV

If you have a fascination with Apple products then it would be great to buy a streaming device like an apple. Though the price could be a little higher than others, it will get you better quality pictures and sounds and it will allow you to search Siri voice as well.

c. Google Chromecast

Looking like a USB pen drive Google Chromecast is a portable media player. It will be great if you want to adjust your expenses with the best services. we will get one of the best streaming devices at a very reasonable price with Google Chromecast. it will offer you to get HD resolution, Screen mirroring, Works with Android and IOS devices and also allows voice search as well.

d. Amazon Fire TV Stick

This will connect you with your device wirelessly and with a wire as well. It will allow you to connect your HDTV with an HDMI port. It’s a user-friendly gadget that will offer you to stream online TV shows, movies, music, Netflix and so on. it will also allow voice search.

e. Nvidia TV Shield

This device is really good for anybody who loves to play games. You can use this device for casual streaming if you already have A service like spectrum TV choice. It will be very easy to use and it allows you to use most of the services. And you will get huge storage with the device.

4. Connect an HDMI Cable

If you don’t want to spend a certain amount of money on streaming devices then an HDMI cable could be the best thing for you. It can mirror everything on your devices like Android, laptops, iOS etc. Using an HDMI Could be a little bit inconvenient at times as it is a wired connection however if you when to use it occasionally it could be the best thing for you. Almost all smartphones, iOS, and laptops have HDMI cable access so you can directly link it with your TVs. Instead of browsing, it will allow you to watch and share home videos through mirroring.

5. Use a Blu-Ray Player and Gaming Console

  • Blu-Ray Player

Though it’s a data storage format device, it has an option to be connected to the internet. So, you can stream social media sites and all other popular apps such as Netflix, Youtube and other music sites.
Moreover, you have to have an HDMI cable for connecting the television to a Blu-ray player.

  • Gaming Console

Both the new gaming console and the old one which is manufactured in 2003 allow internet connection. Similar to Blu-Ray Player, you will need an HDMI cable for connecting your gaming consoles. Although it doesn’t support many applications it can allow you to get enjoyment from Netflix, Youtube, Social media.

Tips for the Best Internet Speed

  • Use an Ethernet Cord if Possible

Wireless connection is more improved than before and Ethernet cords still provide a more reliable connection in most homes. It will plug into your wireless router, You will have to keep your TV closer to the router to get a connection with the wire. You need to buy an adapter separately, while Roku only includes one on its most expensive model.

  • Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Download Speeds

You have to make sure that you have a good internet connection to download any content. Make sure your internet speed is more than 5mbps. If you’re not sure what speeds you’re currently getting, you can use our speed test below to find out.

  • Relocate Your Router

While using the internet You may have some buffering issues then If you can just move your Wi-Fi Router to a Central and open place to get a bufferless connection. So reducing the number of walls your signal has to travel through can also boost your streaming quality.


This would be a great thing if you can make your older TV a modern one. Although you have to have some task to do all these this is not so difficult and you won’t have to be a specialist. It’s not complicated to make a Non-smart TV into a smart TV.

So, you just have to choose an option from the list above and have to utilize it with the instructed way then it will seem like the other homemade thing that you are doing by yourself.

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